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Serious accidents can happen at any time! All it takes is one mistake, or a seemingly negligent act, and suddenly you are involved in a major lawsuit. You may assume that your homeowners or automobile liability policies are enough to protect your assets. This is not always true. Personal umbrella insurance is the best way to protect you and your family and all that you have worked so hard to attain.

An umbrella policy offers excess liability over your primary insurance limits. For example, if you carry $300,000 liability on your homeowners policy it would become $1.3 million with a $1 million umbrella policy. The policy offers:

  • $1 and $2 Million Limits,
  • Coverage for claims like libel, slander, defamation of character and invasion of privacy, and
  • Helps cover defense costs, attorney fees and other charges associated with lawsuits.

Talk to a licensed insurance agent for advice on coverage selections based on your individual needs. The policy contract
discloses all coverage limitations, exclusions and conditions that apply.